Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anxious to Return to Argentina Feb. 4th

Hi again!

As you know, Frances was carried into the arms of Jesus in October 2010. God has revealed to me that I am beginning a new chapter in my life. I feel that He is calling me back to Argentina and I am excited as a kid with a new toy! My one month visit there in November and December 2010 revealed to me the incredible opportunities for ministry that await me in that land where the harvest is so ripe.

I am not attempting to raise funds for this. I only request your prayers for health, His guidance and a fruitful ministry. He has always been our provider and I am confident that as I attempt to fulfill His will every need will be met.

This time around I plan to spend 96 days there. I return to the USA in May to fulfill ministry commitments in Texas and Mexico during May and June. Only the Lord knows what comes after that… ha.

I am so thankful to Missionary Eddie Echevarria who is loaning me his Peugeot car while he is on furlough. I will put thousands of miles on it as I travel to small isolated towns and large cities to minister. Just as in November and December, I may minister to thousands at times and other times to only a few. God gave His Son for every one of them!

I am also grateful to Missionary Kim Babcock who will once again loan me an active Argentine cell phone. If you should wish to call me please keep in mind the time difference. It is five hours later there than Pacific time. My Argentine cell phone number will be 011-5415-3603-9579. However, much of the time I may be in isolated places where no signal is available.

The most effective way to reach me is via email at I will try to find a way to pick up my email almost every day if possible.

Thanks for your prayers on my behalf.

Ralph Hiatt

PS. I repeat this is not an effort to raise funds. However some have asked if funds can be sent to my support through the Assemblies of God World Missions. Yes. All funds sent to my account #283632 and designated “special personal” will be forwarded to me. Any other funds sent “undesignated” to my account will be applied to help approved missions projects in Argentina.