Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sorry, Jesus, You cost too much. Good-bye!

Sunday 2-26-17, Modesto, California
Today we read Num 19 – 20, Psalm 28 and Mark 5
S = Scripture,  O = Observation,  A = Application,  P = Prayer,  SOAP for the soul.

S. Mark 5:16-17 Those who had seen what happened to the man and to the pigs told everyone about it, and the crowd began pleading with Jesus to go away and leave them alone. NLT

O. On the one hand we have a demon dominated area without Jesus. A screaming man out of human control, dominated by perhaps 6,000 demons (one legion). Everybody knows this guy. Nobody dares to go near him. And we have a nearby huge herd of 2,000 pigs. This is status quo. This is balance for this area. They are accustomed to live like this. Now Jesus’ little boat scrapes on the submerged gravel on the beach and the King of heaven steps onto the shore.  A few minutes later we have one sane, converted, man ready to return to his family and preach, testifying to Christ’s power to 10 cities and, oh yes, 2,000 stinking drowned pigs floating near the shore. Now the public leaders survey the scene and take a vote. Sorry Jesus, your ministry is too expensive for us in this area.  Please take your heavenly power and go. And Jesus doesn’t push the issue. The King of Glory sails away.

A. Jesus is not always welcomed. Everything had been under control… the devil’s control, and now we are introducing Jesus into the equation? Well, Jesus was just too expensive. It is true that Jesus can change the look of a community. Demons flee and sometimes leave behind some stinking dead pigs for us to clean up.

P. Well, Jesus, some of us think You are worth a lot more than 2,000 smoked hams. Please know that You are welcome to my neighborhood. I am grateful that You are more powerful than all the demons of hell. Maybe we can form a team of volunteers to bury the garbage after You sweep the devil’s mess into one stinking heap. Amen.


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