Friday, April 13, 2012

Generous Geniuses

Meet the genius, Argentina Missionary Ed Dabello, that installed my cruise control.  He did it for free and beside that... his wife fed me royally while I watched him work.  

I took a close up shot of the finished detailed work.  There is probably not a professional in all of Argentina that could have figured out the wiring schematic on this, much less install it so neatly. 

Then here is Hugo… the famous mechanic that worked on my car in the 1980s and with whom I prayed to give his heart to the Lord.  

He worked on my car yesterday for 5 hours just getting it in perfect shape for the long trips ahead… and refused to accept payment. 

Several of those hours were used up replacing a tiny light bulb that cost only 75 cents.  To get to it he had to use special tools to take off the grill and practically dismantle the whole front of the car… and put it back together perfectly.  He is a specialist in Alfa-Romeos and other millionaire’s cars… but he stooped to work on a humble year 2000 Peugeot 405.
Afterwards he asked me for the privilege of becoming my "official personal mechanic."  What can I say?!

It’s good to have friends… especially dedicated Christian, generous, genius friends.