Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Six Violins

Now here's a new slant on how to plant a church in the heart of a great city; violin lessons for all. Jeff Bradbury, son of Canadian missionary- pastors Ray and Margi Bradbury, is an accomplished violinist. He is helping children and youth acquire good violins and teaching them to play them. He has 13 students at this moment. They will be performing in the famous Plaza Congreso on Good Friday.

Last night, Tuesday, I had the joy of ministering in their church. The children performed interpretive dance while six violins played and Jeff sang (far left in background.)

Their rented hall is located in the heart of one of the most active parts of Buenos Aires city... only two blocks from the huge Congress building. The area is overrun with crime, prostitution and sin of all kinds. Towering shabby-looking apartment buildings with small businesses on the street-level fill every space. There are no vacant lots.

Pastors Ray and Margi are praying for miracle funds to purchase an adequate building. Thus far friends and offerings have brought in $200,000. But they will need at least $300,000 cash in hand to purchase the gutted building they are hoping for.

Interesting Note: Margi (seated front row at left) is the granddaughter of Fred Clements, also from Canada, one of the first Assemblies of God missionaries to this country from 1929 until his death in 1939. He is buried near the great church he planted in a small country town called Henderson. A seed was planted and a great harvest of dozens of ministers came out of that church. Brother Clements, your labors were not in vain! The seed is still producing fruit in 2012!