Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sugar Cane City… La Florida

Tucumán Province is located in north-western Argentina right at the foot of the Andes mountain range.  This is sugar cane country and many little towns have grown up around the large sugar cane processing plants.  One of these towns is called La Florida where I enjoyed ministering on Wednesday, day before yesterday.  

It is a humble little church with a loving pastor, Nicolas Torrente.  The front row was all children in anticipation of Felipe and Perfume.  

Pastor Torrente's 1 ½ year old granddaughter, Joselyn, fell in love with Felipe... or was it the other way around?  I'm not quite sure.  Maybe a little of both.  Anyway she came up close and Felipe wanted to get down to her level for a better look.

Then it happened!  It was love at first sight and Joselyn wanted to give him a kiss.  How could he refuse?  The romance ended quickly, however.  She was obviously wanting to keep him around, but she is learning that life is cruel.  Her lover had to leave town that very night.

With the children making up such a large percentage of the congregation, I tried to give them all something that the children could digest.  I had them sing with my accordion and taught the congregation a Bible verse.  Six adult volunteers each held up a piece of a Bible verse and all read it aloud... while the volunteers turned their page around, making the words invisible.  All were doing very well.  One bright little girl had it memorized in short order.  

At the close of the service I called her up to see if she still remembered the verse.  She missed one word her first try, but got it perfectly her next try complete with the location... and the audience applauded.  

After service and all had gone home around 11 PM, home made pizza was served out on the sidewalk in front of the church building.  I noticed that the neighbors across the street were also gathered around their dinner table on the sidewalk.  That's what you do when it is too hot to eat inside in La Florida... Sugar Cane City!  

I continue to minister 6 or 7 times weekly to small and large congregations.  What a joy to serve my Lord Jesus!

Your circuit-ridin’ preacher,