Monday, December 19, 2016

Heaven is just one breath away.

Heaven is just one breath away.

Wednesday 11-9-2016  City of Rosario, National Assemblies of God Conference    
Today we read Job 34 and 1 Cor 4 - 6

S.  Job 34:14-15 If God were to take back his spirit and withdraw his breath, all life would cease, and humanity would turn again to dust. NLT

O. This is Elihu, one of Job’s “would be comforters” talking. He is supposed to be a friend, but accuses Job of being very evil and thus is being punished by God with sickness. Granted these “comforters” were shown to be wrong in their attitudes, but as I see it, they were remarkably accurate in many of their statements about God. Here is one of them.  It was God the Creator that breathed the breath of life into the first created man… and without a doubt, were He to withhold His breath of life from us, we and all his creatures would all breathe our last and the entire world would grow silent in a few moments.

A. I was lying beside my dying, beloved wife as she struggled to breathe her last. She knew her time had come and had announced to me several times that she was soon going to her new home in heaven. Now she was not frustrated or fearful, for she knew her Creator.  Now she was trying to speak and after many tries she got her final words through her lips, “I love you.” I was so emotionally moved that I failed to respond and she was gone. I was reminded of how fragile our life is. If God removed His breathe from me tonight I could not survive five minutes. My life hangs upon a string that will never break until God severs it. That could be today… for any one of us.

P. Lord, how generous of You to allow me a fresh start late in life. Every day and every hour I am yours and You are mine. I cannot find words to express my love for You. I only ask You to keep me in Your love and grace until You decide to call me to my heavenly home.  Amen.


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