Monday, December 19, 2016

Keepin' Busy

11-12-2016 City of Rosario, Argentina

The General Council of the Assemblies of God in Argentina happened during the same days as President Trump was being elected.

There must have been at least 2,000 of us meeting at a new huge convention center in the city of Rosario. 

I felt highly honored to be chosen by the National AG President to replace him as speaker on Thursday morning, since he is recovering from a recent stroke.  So many pastors were asking if Felipe was going to appear, I allowed him a few minutes.  He was seen on the big screen behind me.

Early in the morning hours before sunrise the Lord revealed to me what I should give these dedicated servants of God.  He is so faithful to pull me through when I feel unprepared.  The response of these men and women that have known Frances and me for many years was overwhelming.  God was there.

My son, Tim, had prepared a one-minute video promo for my book.  It hit the big screen right after my message. The line of friends from all over Argentina seemed never to end as I sat at a booth dedicating and signing my book, Argentina A Love Story (Argentina, con Amor in Spanish) more than 250 of them.

Yesterday, Friday, I drove 415 miles further north to the city of Resistencia, where I ministered last night in a delightful church.  This morning, Saturday, I was privileged to minister to children in Fontana, near Resistencia.

Everybody loves to pet Perfume, the Skunk.

I am really impressed!  This church feeds a strong, healthy meal to about 100 kids every Saturday morning.  I enjoyed eating with them… delicious rice with tomatoes a nice tender breaded steak complete year round with ice cream dessert.  Some of the volunteer workers are youth from a sister church.  I find this kind of ministry in many places.  Nobody knows about it.  Nobody pats them on the back to congratulate them.  The government doesn’t know they exist, but the love of God is expressed and lives are changed.

In a few minutes I go to preach in another church in this area and tomorrow, Sunday, in three other churches… morning, afternoon and night.  Am I having fun yet?  You better believe it!  And Oh! I love to see so many men, women, youth and elderly and even children on their knees after almost every service giving it all to Jesus!


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