Monday, October 24, 2016

We’ve got something to celebrate about!

Friday 10-14-2016  Martínez, Argentina
Today we read: Neh 11 – 12,    Psalm 1  and  Acts 3

S.  Neh 12:38-40 The second choir went northward around the other way to meet them. I followed them, with the other half of the people, along the top of the wall past the Tower of the Ovens to the Broad Wall, then past the Ephraim Gate to the Old City Gate, past the Fish Gate and the Tower of Hananel, and went on to the Tower of the Hundred. Then we continued on to the Sheep Gate and stopped at the Guard Gate. The two choirs that were giving thanks then proceeded to the Temple of God, where they took their places. NLT

O.  These former slaves knew how to celebrate the completion of the Jerusalem wall and Nehemiah was obviously an expert in organization.  Two choirs, each with their special musical instruments and their respective directors, would start the double procession on the walkway on top of the wall… singing and marching in opposite directions followed by the people. Finally, they would meet still walking on the wall that circled the entire city… then they would descent the stairway and proceed to the temple and take their places.

A.  I took special notice of Neh 11:19 where he mentions “the gatekeepers: Akkub, Talmon, and 172 of their associates, who guarded the gates.”  Why?  Well, the name Hiatt, also Hyatt, is derived from “High Gate” and supposedly means that, back in the days of walls and towers, my ancestors’ ancestors were gate-keepers somewhere in England. At least this is what the experts say, (those that search out such things.) So I don’t want to drop the ball. I, too, want to be a gate-keeper for Jesus. Ready to sound the alarm when I see the enemy sneaking up on my kids and grandkids.

P.  Lord, maybe it is time for us “evangelicals” to start organizing parades complete with musical instruments and singing. We need to come out of our closet and proclaim You, Jesus Christ, as our King and leader.  The Roman Catholics still do it in some cities on Good Friday to announce their Jesus as dead.  They carry a life-size body in an open coffin. They dress in black and walk all sad and stooped over, some with tears. Maybe we should follow them on Resurrection Sunday with a joyous parade singing “He lives! He Lives! Christ Jesus lives today!  Amen!


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