Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meet My Son, Tim and... my friend, Robert

Our middle son’s name is Tim.  He serves as one of the pastors on staff at Modesto Neighborhood Church, (Assemblies of God) my home church.  He leads worship among many other tasks.  For some time I have wanted you to meet him.  One of his many talents is producing videos for lead pastor, Lance Lowell’s sermon illustrations.  The idea behind this 9 minute video is not original.  He got it from another church on the internet, but the video is entirely his.  And it is the true story of a dear friend of mine… Robert.  Everybody in our church knows Robert, who was saved from a life of crime… and now serves as a leader of our “Celebrate Recovery” program, helping rescue the lost.  You will hear Tim’s voice singing the first verse of the closing song with his choir.  He is the white haired, bearded guy playing guitar. 

Let the message sink into your soul as you watch it.


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