Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The City of Las Grutas

Wonderful things are happening!  I just haven’t found time to bring them to you.  Here are a few shots from more than a week ago.

Beautiful Las Grutas (The Grottos) from my hotel balcony.

My faithful little Peugeot car is being towed away for a repair and maintenance.  The serpentine belt broke just as I was starting the engine in front of the hotel.  Perfect timing, near a garage and the needed parts.  I had just completed a 300 mile trip through desert.  Believe me, God is taking care of me!

The Las Grutas church is filled with excited youth and children.  

Everyone, including the little children get involved, some with flags celebrating and worshiping Jesus. 

Kids of all ages enjoyed Perfume and Felipe.

I was encouraged to follow Jesus when I was a child.  For that I thank the Lord and godly parents.  I want to pass it on. 

Pastors Jorge and Stella are graduates of our Patagonian Bible Institute.  They are making a powerful impact on this city in a wide variety of ways.   

I wrote to a friend: 

I had an interesting service last night here in Las Grutas.  The young pastors, Jorge and Stella Orellano, have been successful in building a church of youth and children… which are now quickly becoming fathers and mothers of children.  Loud music, enthusiasm, jumping, dancing-flag-waving-children, evangelism in the plazas and streets.  Last night I featured the Delta Island work for the first time ever I think… and closed with a 5 minute video of the first 30 years of that church plant.  I prayed that the Lord would send workers not only into the great cities, but into remote places where families have never heard.  Dropped a few seeds.  You never know when one might take root. 

As I stepped out of a restaurant after lunch this sunburst rose smiled and said, “Come take my picture.”  


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