Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Time 2015

Christmas Time.  I got to sing in the Christmas Choir!  What a privilege! ... 

...while Evan sang the solo and Michelle played the keyboard and their Dad, (Tim) played the guitar right behind Evan.  

 Here I am Christmas eve with Michelle a junior and Evan a freshman, both studying in Azuza Pacific University near Los Angeles. 

Then off to Ron and Elisabet’s forest home on Christmas Day.  Below left: they are with their dog, Wally.  

We went out on the Santa Cruz pier for lunch.  The weather was sunny, but chilly and windy.  
Oh yes, I ministered in Delhi, California for a Christmas Spanish service, too.  I did it especially for a certain family who I have been trying to win for Jesus for two years... and God has answered my prayers.

Then I drove 700 miles north to Frances’ sister Nancy and her husband, Arlan’s ranch near Boring, Oregon.  On my birthday 31 December it was sunny and beautiful.  I shot this picture of Mount Hood from Boring.  
But on Sunday, when I was scheduled to preach I woke up to frozen snow on my car.  The snow was heavier only a few miles away and dangerous ice covered all pavement.  Cars were sliding off the roads and freeways everywhere.  The church canceled their service.  I was disappointed, but it had to be... since it was very difficult to even walk without falling.

On January 1 each year we Hiatts try to get together with nieces and nephews and their tribes for a meal and a fun time.  Our numbers are dwindling among us older ones, but darling kids are growing up.  

I only have two siblings left, my sister Joanne 86 with her husband Don 87, were not able to come to the reunion, so I drove out to their ranch in the hills near the tiny town of Yamhill.  Their son, Dan and his wife, Linda Rose have moved their large mobile home to the ranch and are caring for them.  Lord, bless them.

But my sister, Carol, 93 who lost her husband several years ago is spry, healthy and still driving.  She is next to Jon (with his red sweater) and she is laughing heartily at Felipe (above right).  I jumped in and got myself, now 84, next to Carol, now 93, for the picture below.  Her daughter Jackie is on her other side (also below).  

Finally I drove to Kenmore, Washington to visit my deceased brother’s wife, Ruth Alice.  Her son, Ben, who cares for her, cooked a marvelous baked salmon dinner with fresh, home grown, winter garden vegetables... and my son, (next to me) Mike drove over from Seattle to join us.  Mike’s wife, Mary, had another activity that evening and missed the fun and the delicious meal.   

The next morning, Wednesday January 6, I drove 510 miles stopping only for gas and a brief nap... I just snacked on fruit.  I was determined to get past the snow danger before another icy storm came blowing in.  I then stopped for the night at a Motel in Yreka, California and drove the other 340 miles home yesterday.

There you have it!  God is good!  What a wonderful, fun filled 9 day’s trip north!