Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Give me a man… just one… or a woman… or a family

Sunday 9-4-2016 Home in Modesto
Scripture Reading: Eze 22 – 24      Rev 9
S=Scripture O=Observation A=Application P=Prayer SOAP for the soul.

S.  Ezek 22:30 So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.  NKJV

O.  The Lord speaks through his prophet Ezekiel. He names a list of hideous sins and makes it sound like all the inhabitants are involved. God takes “no pleasure in the death of the wicked” (Ezekiel 33:11), so God seeks for a man… just one that would stand up for His divine truth… one voice that would be willing to stand against the tide… and could not find one.

A.  I have often thought about it. Can one man, can one voice in the middle of a huge city filled with wickedness have any positive effect? Can one man or one woman make a difference in a nation dedicated to other gods? Frances and I took our three little sons to San Juan, Argentina, a city dedicated to idolatry to the “Difunta Correa” a cult to a dead woman. A male nurse visited our “Bible Center” and told me he had to receive the wounded and dying among those that made the 40 mile pilgrimage through the hot desert to her statue. We were told that the Roman Catholic Church did not back this cult, but when we visited the sight we saw the coffers where you could deposit your money which supposedly went to the RC Church. 

I went to see the president of bank one of my first days there, since I was going to have to change personal checks to survive. I told him my purpose in town was to establish a center where the Holy Scriptures would be preached and taught.  He sat up straight in his chair and said, “I had a special ‘virgin’ made to protect my home. She is this tall and you should see her eyes! The look so real!” I went into shock and my face showed it. I answered him, “How in the world can an intelligent man like you believe that a statue that you ordered made… could somehow protect your home? The Old Testament prophets made it so clear. They have eyes, but see not, ears, but hear not, mouths that cannot speak.” I had peaked his interest and he began asking questions about the Bible, Jesus and God the Father. Clients were waiting in line to see him.  A secretary popped her head in the door, he yelled at her, “Shut the door!” He wanted to know more. 

P.  Lord, I cannot brag that we changed that great city, but some lives were forever changed. Some of Your miracles changed families into strong believers. You know that a church was born… and out of that church about 10 pastors have been sent into other areas of that city. You know the policeman that threw a group of AG Christians into prison for preaching in the streets and kept them there for 10 days… who now is the pastor of an AG church. You called one convert to be a missionary to India, another family with three children to Nepal. Did our presence there for only 18 months make a difference in that city? You know how our young pastors Angel and Margarita struggled to survive there with no outside support. We tried, but accomplished little. But several hundred, maybe several thousand will enjoy eternity… because of You, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Only You could do that.  Amen.


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