Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I’m better off than a king.

Wednesday 1-25-17, Modesto, California
Today we read Exod 12 – 13, Psalm 21 and Acts 1
S = Scripture  O = Observation  A = Application  P = Prayer  SOAP for the soul.

S. Ps 21:5-6 Your victory brings him great honor, and you have clothed him with splendor and majesty. You have endowed him with eternal blessings. You have given him the joy of being in your presence. NLT

O. This whole psalm is about the blessings the Lord has given to the king, probably referring to King David. The victory in the battle was really the Lord’s victory, but even so it brought great honor to the king. He has been clothed in splendor and majesty. And above these temporal blessings, he is already enjoying eternal blessings, including the assurance of eternal joy in the presence of God.

A. I could place my name there with King David’s. Every victory in my life has really been God’s victory, not mine. Still each victory has showered me with undeserved honors. I have no more space on my walls for the plaques of honor that I have received. I am bathed in temporal blessings, but these things fade into the shadows as I already enjoy the assurance of eternity in God’s presence.

P. Heavenly Father, I am blessed with honor, material possessions and the assurance of the marvelous joy of being eternally in Your presence. I’m better off than a king, since as far as I know, nobody is fighting to replace me. Amen.


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