Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pictures Tell the Story

Resistencia City, Northern Argentina… Tuesday, Nov 15, my seventh service in 5 days. 

Beautifully synchronized smiling dancers worship.

“Doll with a doll.” The two youngest dancers were about 8 years old.  A few moments ago this one was dancing in perfect synchronization with the team.  Now, as I was being introduced, I watched her carefully wrap her baby-doll in a blanket.  She had no idea that I was taking her picture.

I handed my camera to someone to capture the faces of children as I brought out Perfume and Felipe.

Smiles make it worth the trip.

All eyes on Felipe.

After the message children and youth joined the adults to dedicate their lives to Christ at the altar time. 

Wednesday, Nov 17, 200 miles further northeast, I began 7 days in the area of the city of Posadas ministering in 7 different churches in this area.  

Yesterday, Thursday Nov 18, I traveled one hour by car to minister to dear friends on Apipé Island, with Pastor Fernandez (smiling).  Apipé is a large island 45 minutes by fast boat just across the river from Paraguay.  In a primitive situation, I slept well overnight on a mattress with no sheets in minimum luxury.  Luv-it.

The Island Clown Team was preparing to take me to their outdoor event… usually on Saturday, but today, Thursday, just for me.

While no one was paying any attention, I watched this little guy scoot a chair up to the pulpit and climb up to take charge.  Future pastor no doubt. 

If you never petted a skunk, you have missed the thrill. The guy in red had just reached out to pet her and she reached her nose up to kiss his hand.  He jerked them back.  I had told them not to worry… Perfume hardly ever bites. J

I gave ‘em the works, drew them a little picture and

actually got ‘em singing about following Jesus.

Then came picture time. This sweet little girl was hugging me and I had made friends with 12 year old Camón in green next to me.

Then we walked to their humble little church and finished the evening with a blessed service. 

In a primitive situation, I slept very well overnight on a mattress with no sheets in penniless luxury. It was cold at 6 AM when I got up to take the open commercial boat back to shore. You gotta luv-it or leave it.

Tonight, Friday Nov 18, back on the mainland, I’ll visit a church started by Sergio, an 18 year old “King’s Castle Kid”.  The last time I was here they had only the stars for a roof on their unfinished church building. Now, a few years later, Pastor Sergio is married to beautiful Ana Laura and they are worshipping in their completed church building.  They took me out to a filet minion steak lunch today.   Missionary retirement is a rough life J

That’s all for today folks!

Ralph Hiatt

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