Wednesday, January 25, 2017

CIty of Mt. Shasta

Today I drove north heading for southern Oregon so as to get over the Siskiyou summit before any fresh snow might fall.  The highway was filled with everybody going to grandma’s house.  I snacked along the way, but about 2:30 PM decided to eat lunch in the City of Mount Shasta.  I parked nicely backed up into a pile of snow that had been cleared off the road and went into a cute little, very little Mexican restaurant “Joe’s Grill” or something like that. There was only a family of four inside. Marga, the waitress was very nice. I took a seat and ordered a delicious burrito. Within minutes a family of six entered. They were looking around for a place to sit so I offered the adult couple to sit at my table, while younger ones could eat at the counter until another couple left.  Well, that is how I met Julio, an obviously well-educated gentleman and his much younger wife, Mimi… a delightful couple with their whole family. 

We had fun talking in English and Spanish, although only Julio (of Mexican descent and born in 1933) spoke Spanish. When I was served, I explained that I had the custom of blessing the food, so I asked the Lord to bless them, too, along with the food. They are from Santa Barbara, California. They told me they had Argentine friends that they enjoyed a great deal. So when I decided to leave, I asked if Mimi liked to read.  She does. I told them I wanted to give them my book, ran to my car to get it and dedicated it to Julio and Mimi. (I only had two copies left, so now I have one, but I should have shipment of 50 waiting for me at Nancy’s (Frances’ sister) and Arlan’s house in Boring, Oregon.) 
They thanked me for the book.  And since I had mentioned that I was going to have an 85th birthday in two days, they all burst out singing “Happy Birthday to Ralph”!  So I took their picture.  
Julio asked if the book had an address to reach me.  Maybe I’ll hear from them again sometime.  

It’s 9:30 PM and I’ll try to get some rest before finishing this trip tomorrow.


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