Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Why didn't you bring him in?"

Tuesday 12-20-16, Modesto, California, USA
Today we read John 7 - 8

S. John 7:45-49 The Temple guards who had been sent to arrest him returned to the leading priests and Pharisees. "Why didn't you bring him in?" they demanded. "We have never heard anyone talk like this!" the guards responded. "Have you been led astray, too?" the Pharisees mocked. "Is there a single one of us rulers or Pharisees who believes in him? These ignorant crowds do, but what do they know about it? A curse on them anyway!" NLT

O.  Jesus dedicated a period of time ministering in Galilee for He knew the religious leaders in Judea were ready to arrest Him.  The Passover feast celebration was near when devout Jews often visited Jerusalem. His own brothers heckled Him, “What’s going on, Jesus? Are you afraid to go to Jerusalem? Quit hiding out… if You are so great, let the world know.”  A little later Jesus did go. He knew that He was walking into the jaws of death itself, yet He stood and taught in the temple as before.  So, the official temple guards were sent to arrest Him.  But they just couldn’t do it. “Nobody ever talked like this man!” 

A.  Was it Jesus’ message that scared these armed guards away?  I’m inclined to believe that it was His demeaner, His tenderness, yet with such authority. I think Jesus stunned them with the way He ministered to people.  These men had heard dozens of preachers and teachers, but never anyone like this.  They stood paralyzed in the crowd and listened.  They had their orders, but just couldn’t make themselves dash into the crowd and interrupt His message.  Jesus’ arrest was put off a few more days. The guards limped back to their leaders empty handed.  May the Holy Spirit give me some of that!

P.  Lord, I thank You for Your powerful Word.  I was told that a man, who was converted in a great meeting with Evangelist Carlos Annacondia, later testified that he had a rifle with Annacondia in its sights and pulled the trigger, but the rifle refused to fire.  Another man, also a new convert, confessed to planting an explosive device in a city park where I was preaching and it refused to detonate.  Our time had not yet come.  Lord, You had other plans for me and Your servant, Carlos Annacondia.  But when Your hour did come, You boldly stepped out of the darkness to meet them.  May Your Words in my mouth be so filled with Your tenderness and such Holy Spirit power, that unbelievers find themselves melting down at Your feet in surrender!  Amen.


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